Kodak Camera Sensor May Eliminate Flash

Kodak today unveiled its biggest load of crap by announcing that it has developed a way to eliminate flash use on a camera. Thanks to new imaging technology in its new camera sensors, you may not even need a flash the next time you go to take that award-losing night-shot. Only problem is, no matter how good your imaging sensor is, if it’s dark out, it’s dark out. Your pictures are going to look grainy and like crap all the time.

But Kodak could have a trick up its sleeve. This all comes as Kodak increases its presence in the photography world as a major patent holder. The goal of Kodak is to get emerging technologies into people’s hands rather than just showing them off. One way Kodak could make this technology a surefire hit is to integrate it into cameraphones. I mean how many times have you wanted to take a picture with your phone, only to find the quality sucks due to little or no flash? Exactly.

Kodak says camera sensor may eliminate flash [Reuters]