Need Laughs? Mega64 DVD Out In July

Anyone who plays video games must check out the team over at Mega64. These guys have been making hilarious video game skits for years with an incredible sense of humor. Now, instead of browsing their website for hours at a time to get your laugh on, you’ll be able to pop a DVD into your home theater system. The boys are releasing a Greatest Hits DVD and it looks to be a good one.

The DVD, dubbed “Mega64 Time!”, will include all of their short skits, including bonus footage and behind-the-scenes action. Also included are parodies of video game commercials that are sure to make you giggle like you’re six all over again. Come July 26th, it’d be in your best interest to have some coffee, a computer, and a credit card so you can be one of the first to order what is sure to be one of the funniest DVDs yet.

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