TheGadgetLocker Announces iPod Recycling Program

Guess what kids. is now offering an iPod Recycling Program where you can dispose of your broken or aging iPod. TheGadgetLocker provides all the shipping labels, so you don’t pay a cent. Plus, you’ll receive $20 in reward points for sending in your iPod. The goal of the program is for consumers to become aware of’s merchandise, while they’re saving the environment.

Also, I’d like to announce my iPod recycling program. You can send broken, used, old, and new iPods right to my doorstep and in return I smile and give you a thumbs up. Then I turn around and sell the iPods on Craigslist for a buck or two and buy a bottle of tequila to nurse my sorrows with. Wait, what? announces iPod Recycling Program [iLounge]