Point and More

geovector.jpgScience fiction movies for years what we’ll get to do in the future. Imagine pointing your mobile phone at a restaurant to get a review or a movie poster to buy tickets? Well, the future is closer than you think. GeoVector has partnered with Cybermap Japan to make pointing the chic thing to do with your handset. The Mapion Pointing Application Release 2.0, powered by GeoVetor offers consumers a new mobile local search option.

“Soon people will pick up any GeoVector capable mobile device and merely point it at something to access a wide variety of rich content,” added Ellenby. “While a computer and mouse help you to surf the world wide web, GeoVector enables you to Surf the Whole Wide World™ just by pointing your mobile phone.”

Of course right now it is only headed to Japan, where everything cool arrives first!