NBC Wants You To Embed Videos


With YouTube still growing every day, online video is in extremely high-demand. Don’t offer video? Keep movin’. It’s a Web 2.0 world and people want content. NBC has caught onto this notion and will now offer video that users can post on their website or blog. Clips of shows like “Meet the Press” and “Dateline” will be available to bore and dull your readers to death.

So if you want to get some video up on your blog, head over to NBC.com and find a clip you like. It’s a bit tough finding one you can embed right off the bat though. I spent 10 minutes searching around the site and still couldn’t find one. After 15 minutes, I came up with the above SNL clip. Props to those of you who don’t just cave in to YouTube.

NBC to let other Web sites post NBC video [Reuters]