Microsoft Expands Table to Whole Kitchen


Hot on the heels of its soon-to-be-revolutionary table, Microsoft is aiming squarely at the rest of your kitchen, and is set to roll out enough cooking gizmos to make your proverbial ass swim.

The idea is called “Kitchen Client.” No, really. The devices in your kitchen will be aware and will interact with Windows Live. You’ll also have a terminal for recipes, calendars, and familial bulletins. With luck, and a little Windex, this tech will make making dinner a little less troublesome.

Of course, the PC in the Kitchen of the Future will be different, just as desktops have morphed to attain other functions, like Media Centers, and Microsoft has hardware partners already. In time, it hopes to have clients in every room in your house. Cue Big Brother music and a cackling Ballmer.

Microsoft preps Windows-based kitchen client [ZDNet]