E-Mail Service Providers Consider Mobile Delivery Standards

emailphone.jpgE-mail standardization is an issue that still needs to be addressed reports ClickZ News today. The growth of the mobile Web, the story adds, has many implications that e-mail service providers must consider, such as how the actual e-mail appears on mobile devices. The lack of standards continues to cause problems for rendering HTML and rich media, meaning that mobile users must get readers or click on links to open a mobile browser to read even simple e-mails such as newsletters.

Many e-mails are simply unread until the user gets to a computer, or are read and flagged for perusal from a desktop e-mail program. A recent study from ExacTarget finds that many people see mobile e-mail as a way to simply stay in touch with business contacts, and to process the most important messages.

E-Mail Service Providers Grapple with Mobile Delivery and Standards [ClickZ News]