Lenovo's Latest Laptops Promise Battery Life To The EXtreme…Sorta, Kinda

If you frequently use the excuse “my battery died” to get out of working, don’t buy the new Lenovo ThinkPad X61 or X61s notebooks or the X61 Tablet. According to the company’s details on the three systems, the ThinkPad X61s will keep you up and running for more than 12 hours and the ThinkPad X61 and X61 Tablet will run approximately up to 11 and 10 hours respectively. Of course, this is with the combination of an eight-cell standard battery and optional extended life battery, but still, that’s a crazy amount of productivity from just two batteries.

Along with the extended battery life comes an improved design for broadband wireless, called Ultra Connect II, so you can get a signal anywhere. Lenovo claims up to a 30 percent improvement above previous models. (And you thought that was just a regular, old antenna.)

The ThinkPad X61 Tablet gets some new technology, too, by way of its SuperView screens. A “direct bonding technology” improves readability in direct sunlight while simultaneously helping prevent scratches. All of the X61’s get standard ThinkPad security features, though, including “new 32-byte hard drive password protection and optional I/O port disablement capabilities.” Ever worry about someone connecting a flash drive to your laptop and walking off with gigs of your crucial data? Well you should be, ’cause it happens all the freakin’ time.

The ThinkPad X61, X61s and X61 Tablet PC start at approximately, $1,484, $1,474 and $1,779 respectively. Look for them in June, but you can check out the models on Lenovo’s site today.