Sony Needs to Drop PS3 Price By $200 or It's Finished: Bank of America


Sony’s going to have to drop the PS3‘s price by $200 this summer if it wants to be a player in this generation. That’s what a Bank of America analyst says, and who am I to argue with BoA? I like how the analyst calls a $50 price drop “meaningless.” Even the rumored $100 price drop wouldn’t do the trick.

The main culprit for Sony’s troubles? A gold star if you guessed the Nintendo Wii.

Game publishers are seen as moving toward the Wii. Oh, and the PS3 has nearly no exclusives anymore, so consumers see little reason to shell out 600 clams for what they could get elsewhere.

So yeah, same song and dance. PS3 stinks, blah blah.

Expected PS3 price cut won’t improve sales, says Bank of America []