Gemini Mobile Gets Funding

gemini.jpgGemini Mobile has announced that it has raised an additional round of financing of $5 million from Japan’s ACCESS Co. Ltd., Aplix Corporation and Normura Securities. This round of financing follows the recent $20 million from Goldman Sachs, which was to underscore the continued support for Gemini’s wireless software.

In addition to the new financing, ACCESS and Aplix are working on efforts to distribute Gemini’s messaging product and its new eXplo software, which is the world’s first 3D community platform for mobile phones. This application allows for users to chat, share photos and shop in a rich graphical world that is located on their phones. The eXplo application is being used as the foundation of a new 3D interface from SoftBank Japan, called S! Town. This mobile 3D site launched late last year.

Gemini Mobile