The Complete N00B's Guide to Grand Central

gcvm.pngMichael has just posted an extremely detailed guide to Grand Central, one of our favorite web/phone services. The guide includes all the secret button presses that we forgot to read about in the online manual and breaks down the service into easy to understand chunks.

The center of the Grand Central universe is your Grand Central phone number. This is (theortically) the last phone number you will ever give out, so picking one that you like is important. The GC registration process begins by picking an area code or U.S. state. Once you’ve done that, GC will show you a number of available phone numbers. If you want to see if any of the numbers spell anything interesting or memorable, check out this site, which will show you various words made from the numbers.

The TechCrunch Quick Guide To GrandCentral [TechCrunch]