Scoop: AT&T Wireless, iPhone Coming to Fry's Next Month


Thanks to the loose lips of a local employee, we now bring news that Fry’s, the ginormous big-box electronics retail chain that is part Mecca and part Disneyland for nerds, will next month start selling AT&T Wireless. They haven’t announced this yet, but it’s a big deal. Fry’s was always reluctant to offer Cingular’s services for various reasons, but seems to be ok with AT&T.

Shipments of promo materials (as spy-snapped above) have arrived, and the phones themselves will show up on the 5th. Fry’s then starts selling the phones six days later, on Monday the 11th. What’s really telling is the chatty clerk mentioned that they were making room on the 10th for a special display featuring a new, high-end phone made by Apple.

This means that we can perhaps divine a June 11th sell date for the iPhone. This echoes rumors we’ve heard before of that date. It also lines up nicely with Apple’s WWDC and Steve Jobs’ keynote. You know he likes surprises, so look for something along the lines of “Goes on sale today.”

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