Study Finds 90% of Handset Owners Believe iPhone Hype

iphonehype2.pngA study from Strategy Analytics has found that 90 percent of handset owners rate Apple’s iPhone as being superior to existing mobile phones. This despite the rather pertinent facts that the iPhone has not yet gone on sale and none of those questioned would have used an iPhone.

The “Consumer Reactions to the Apple iPhone” study explored the appeal of iPhone features, developed comparisons with current products and investigated the nature of the iPhone experience. 90 percent of respondents gave the iPhone higher marks than their own handset and over 40 percent of respondents rated the iPhone as being much better across key functional categories, including music player, web browsing, voice mail, and phone call management.

The study found that whilst consumers are definitely buying the iPhone hype, price may be the iPhone’s undoing. “While the iPhone “Wow” factor is impressive, our user panel indicated that challenges in pricing and positioning may act as a barrier to mass-market success,” said Kevin Nolan, Director of User Experience Research at Strategy Analytics.

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