Sony's Flexible, Full-Color OLED Display

Sony today unveiled a new screen that will forever change the future of electronic devices. This new 2.5-inch OLED screen is made of a glass substrate that allows you to casually bend the screen. Since the display is wafer-thin, you one day might see these inside magazines as advertisements or perhaps on the back of a cellphone for viewing movies. It uses organic TFT technology to keep clarity in-tact and to retain its 0.3mm thickness.

This display will allow for the development of bigger, better, lighter, and “softer” electronics Sony says. In case you were wondering, the screen has a resolution of 120×169 pixels and weighs only 1.5 grams. Extremely impressive. Imagine if this became a low-cost media solution years down the road. DIY video players made from magazine ads? I think so.

Flexible, full-color OLED [Pink Tentacle]