Guy Fined For Using Cafe's Wi-Fi

If you’re a geek thinking of moving to Michigan, I suggest you keep looking. A Michigan man was recently fined $400 and ordered to perform 40 hours of community service. Damn, he must have assaulted a police officer or something, right? Actually, the dude was just using a cafe’s Wi-Fi connection to check his e-mail and surf the web. A nosy police chief confronted the gentleman about it and eventually booked him on fraudulent computer access.

Michigan’s computer access law apparently states that using a Wi-Fi connection without authorization is a felony. Yeah. You could spend up to five years in jail and be fined $10k for using a Wi-Fi connection that doesn’t have WEP or WPA on it. I guess the police in the town of Sparta are a bunch of straight up jerks. God forbid they spend time, ya know, fighting real crime.

Wi-Fi Poaching Draws Fine [PC World]