Second Life! Fox News! Sex! Stalking! Terrorism!


British and Belgian police are closing in on a terrorist organization called Second Life where innocent women — and, potentially, men — could be stalked by people who are interested in sexually assaulting them and your teenagers. Murdoch’s hard hitting paper, the Times of London, has the full story.

Police in Britain, Belgium and the Netherlands are considering whether users of “Second Life” may be committing a crime if their character — known as an avatar — sexually assaults or stalks another.

The big problem, here, obviously, is how you tell who is stalking you. After all, maybe an avatar from WoW, a Blood Elf perhaps, could end up over in Second Life and maybe grief the heck out of a fancy geisha girl who is also a 34-year-old male accountant for Midwest Insurance in Canton, Ohio who still lives with his aged mum. Anyone could be stalking anybody! Seriously, people. Just log out.

European Police Probe Sex-Abuse Allegations in ‘Second Life’ [FoxNews]