Mobio Gives Us Gas

cheapgas0.jpgWe’ve written about Mobio on CG before (specifically here and here), but in case you’re not familiar, it’s a free collection of services and apps for mobile phones and devices for doing everything from reading RSS feeds to making dinner reservations to locating the nearest ATM. To the current collection—which installs from a quick download to you handset—Mobio adds a Cheap Gas search to instantly locate the cheapest gas stations near any location.

Punch in a street address and it’ll pinpoint the closest stations to that spot. This of course comes with a map so you can find your way to the pumps. And if you use a particular gas company, the feature can filter your search results by brand.

Not having a car, I don’t follow gas prices as closely as when I owned one. But this past week I was in San Francisco where the prices for regular were between $3.50 and $4 a gallon. This would’ve come in real frickin’ handy.

Mobio [company site]