Catch up on ABC Series on Sprint

sprint.jpgMissed an episode of LOST? Well all is not lost. You could download it to your iPod, watch it on and soon you’ll be able to watch it on your. ABC, which was the first to offer their full-length episodes on Apple’s iTunes, and was one of the early supporters of Web-based replays is going mobile making shows such as Grey’s Anatomy, LOST, Desperate Housewives and Ugly Betty available on video-equipped Sprint Phones. USA Today is reporting that ABC will add 11 series to the new lineup, while the four most-recent episodes of each series can be viewed on demand. There is no extra charge to view these, which are included as part of a $20-a-month data package. According to USA Today the shows will include commercials, and it is unlikely that you’ll have the option to fast-forward.

Sprint, ABC dial in to television on the go [USA Today]