It's a Thong with a Chalk Board. No, Really

e8495-xlg.jpgI once dated a pretty young thing that had the days of the week embroidered on her panties. For example, just under the top seam, it said “Wednesday”. Sadly, I discovered this on a Friday, but that’s not the point of this story.

With the new Chalk Board Thong, your girl’s drawers can say pretty much anything either of you wants. Normally in a post of this caliber, I’d give you examples, but nothing I can think of befits this PG-13 blog, other than “harder please”, but even that might be too much. Perhaps “Authorized Personnel Only” or something.

The reusable artistic space is going for about $20 from England, and is also available as standard briefs for writing the great American panty novel. It comes with special chalk, but no eraser. Let’s hope it’s non-toxic. And if anyone I know was found to have “Tonight’s The Night! xo” written in the text-field-of-love, I would have to wear my “This is cheesy, you’re dumped! xo” condoms.

Ladies Chalk Board Thong [Hawkin’s Bazaar, via Nerd Approved]