Geezeo: Check Your Bank Account on the Go

geezeologo.pngGeezeo Mobile is the first in a suite of mobile financial applications aimed at the 18 – 35 and student demographic. The new application Geezeo Mobile lets you check you banking balance on the go.

To get started, you can sign into Geezeo by setting up an account with them, or using your existing Gmail user name and password. Once logged in, you can add your various bank accounts to your profile. Unfortunately this requires you to hand over your banking credentials to this new startup out of Framingham, Massachusetts (Banks haven’t caught on to read/write privileges yet). The system seems to cover accounts for every financial institution I’ve heard of, from Bank of America to even the smaller credit unions. They have a good screencast here.

Once your accounts are added, the system will be able to grab the latest balances of from your accounts. To access your balances on your mobile phone, you must first register your phone by texting Geezeo and a registration key to 41411. After registration, you can retrieve your balance simply by texting Geezeo to 41411.

Geezeo is runs on Ruby on Rails, Amazon’s S3, and EC2 web services. Their planned revenue model is deliver contextual product advertisements. They also have plans to expand their services into credit cards, mortgages, car loans, student loans, and brokerages.

Geezeo joins a few other finance 2.0 companies on the web, such as Buxfer and Billmonk, which was acquired by Obopay.