Comic Creator Available on Verizon

cc_s1.jpgIf you’re looking to send more than a mere text message, you’ll now have the ability to create your own comic on a mobile phone. Verizon Wireless has announced the availability of Comic Creator by AMA, a Get It Now application that will allow customers to create their own personalized comics, which can be sent to other mobile phones or e-mail addresses.

Developed by Advanced Mobile Applications partner Longtail Studios, Comic Creator is a backdrop graphic that lets users enter their own text dialog. Characters can move on the screen and even change facial expressions. The frequently updated background catalog will include human characters and non-human characters like robots, animals and monsters. Verizon customers will pay $3.99 per month to send up to 20 comics to mobile handsets, and an unlimited number of comic-enhanced messages to e-mail.

Verizon Wireless
Longtail Studios