Philips NX ProntoLite Remote Rules The Living Room

Those of you with pricey home theater installations may want to check out the latest offering in remote controls from Philips. The NX ProntoLite is a touch-screen remote control that can control basically anything with an IR port. A huge VGA screen lets you easily pick channels, control room lighting, and even stream music via a built-in server.

Should you need it, you can control an optional serial extender, which is a rack-mounted piece of equipment that adds four addressable IR ports and four serial ports to your existing setup. Yeah. This thing is serious. So serious that it demands a $1836 price-tag. Absolutely no idea why you’d spend close to two grand on a remote control, but if you can afford it, go ahead and live in excess. It’s probably hella useful for those with a sophisticated home theater.

Philips releases Pronto NX PowerLite remote control [Geekzone via Slashgear]