Old Media Declares War on New Media, Doesn't Want You to Enjoy Tech on Your Terms


Shock: several “old media” companies—the likes of Time Warner, Viacom and News Corp.—now view “new media” companies like Google as direct threats to their livelihoods. In essence, “old media” wants you to stop having fun using the Internet, streaming content on demand, time shifting with TiVo and place shifting with Sling because you’re ruining their business model. The best is that a Time Warner executive compared “old media” to the Sioux, where “new media” plays the role of Gen. Custer. Sure, dude, and Xbox Live is a shining city on a hill.

The nerve of these guys is just incredible. For the first time ever, consumer have a say in what they consume and where and it scares them to no end. The same Time Warner suit said, “They will lose this war if they go to war. The notion that the new kids on the block have taken over is a false notion.”

Well then. To me, that looks like Time Warner doesn’t particularly care about your right to consume its content as you see fit. I wonder, what’s the proper avenue to show “Old Media” that’s its monopoly on information and entertainment is over? Whether these companies want to admit it or not, it absolutely is.

Old media turns combative against new media [Reuters]