Showtime for Universal on Mobile Phones

The best seat in the house could be on a bus or train, or just about anywhere else where you can take your mobile phone. TG Daily is reporting that mobile entertainment company I-Play has signed a deal with Universal Pictures to provide streaming video clips from dozens of features films to cellular handsets.

While you still won’t be able to watch full films, these clips will be from fan favorites including The Fast and the Furious, Animal House and King Kong. I-Play claims the deal with Universal is the first of such to bring motion picture content to mobile phones, which will be available for playback on most advanced mobile handsets. The clips will be arranged by genre and alphabetical listings.

Sprint, Verizon, Rogers and Amp’d customers will be first to have access to the new video service, but additional carriers should be able to get the “Movie Minutes” in the near future.

Universal to bring movie clips to cell phones [TG Daily]