Study: Mac Users Generate More Web Content Than Others, Are Better Friends


[Used car salesman voice] Do you own a Mac? Do you use it to generate Web content, like publish blogs or upload video? Then you’re not alone! A study from Forrester research indicates that Mac users are twice as likely as Dell users to generate such content. Hot dang, ain’t that a hoot?[/Used car salesman voice]

Just over 20 percent of Mac users are said to participate in the generation of Web content. Some 55 percent of Dell users, on the other hand, don’t generate content, post comments or do anything fun. Maybe those Mac ads are right after all.


And what say you, fine readers? Any PC users out there blog like a fiend on a Dell box? I use a Mac and generate veritable loads of content on a daily basis.

The social technography of Web 2.0 [Ars Technica]