PS3 Kills 360 – Murder In The 1st Is What They Gave It, Yo

John Davidson over at 1Up was woken up by his kids early one morning. The brats wanted to play some Xbox 360 and being a good father, he kindly obliged. So the two children set off to the living room, where inside an entertainment unit, lay an Xbox 360 and a Playstation 3. Now allow me to go off on a tangent for a second:

In the piece, John says that the 360 can be played with the entertainment center’s doors shut, because the heat it radiates isn’t too terrible to cause a fire or anything. But when that PS3 is on, you’d better keep those goddamned doors open or something fierce and fiery is going to occur.

Back to the story. John’s older son put on the Xbox 360 and started to play the game Cars whilst his younger child decided to “pretend play” with a PS3 SIXAXXISISISISS controller. Sure enough, the doors were shut, the kid started up the PS3, and like a club when a Nelly remix-track comes on, it got hot up in that entertainment center. The 360 stopped working, Dad was informed and eventually determined that the PS3 indeed did kill that Xbox 360 by overheating it. So remember kids, next time your dad has both of the next-gen systems (Wii doesn’t count! Silly GameCube with a remote control!) and lets you play with them, take it one at a time.

My PS3 just killed my 360 [1Up]