Metrics Show Top Mobile Domains No Surprise

M:Metrics released a report today outlining the top mobile domains for March 2007, and they look strikingly similar to the top web domains overall. Existing brands have shown an ability to leverage high positions on the mobile web. Yahoo, Google, Microsoft are jockeying for first, second, and third. However, on mobile, Google holds a 30% lead for the month over Yahoo, compared with Yahoo’s 11% lead over Google on the desktop.

These monthly numbers are by no means set in stone and seem likely to fluctuate in the coming months as Yahoo Go’s distribution deal on LG and Nokia phones hits the market.

United States Top Mobile Web Domains: March 2007

United States Top Web Domains: March 2007

Rank Domain Audience Rank Domain Audience
1 1,894,143 1 127,863,238
2 1,315,801 2 113,341,842
3 903,158 3 94,886,297
4 734,664 4 87,715,860
5 697,589 5 71,263,406
6 571,469 6 66,298,463
7 509,772 7 62,862,774
8 460,564 8 62,031,822
9 435,910 9 49,430,271
10 434,050 10 46,799,401
Source: M:Metrics Source: Comscore

M:Metrics footnote: “The data above is derived from M:Metrics’ proprietary panel of metered smartphone device owners, selected to represent a population which accounts for a highly disproportionate share of mobile data services usage. The patent-pending M:Meter continuously and unobtrusively monitors messaging, browsing, application and media usage and powers M:Metrics’ MeterDirect Syndicated Measurement Service.”