Yahoo's New YPod: SanDisk Sansa Connect

Yahoo just announced the release of the new SanDisk Sansa Connect WiFi media player, which comes preloaded with Yahoo Music. The device costs $250, comes with 4 GB of memory and a 2.2 inch screen. It supports Yahoo’s personalized radio, sharing playlist suggestions over Yahoo messenger, Flickr photos, and unlimited downloads on Yahoo Music for $12/month.

Readers interested in Mobile Wifi Services should also check out the new internet startup Slacker, which plans to offer a Pandora-like service on the web and on their own WiFi enabled mobile device. The basic web service is free, but ad supported and will only allow listeners to skip 6 songs per hour. A $7.50/month subscription fee would remove these restrictions. The WiFi device will be anywhere from $150 to $300 depending on storage capacity.

Then new SanDisk player joins a host of other mobile music solutions, most notably the iPod and Zune. However, consumers have some other options coming out of the mobile space. Services like PartyStrands, Avvenu, and Oboe are giving users access to their music libraries right on their mobile phones. Oboe is a service from MP3Tunes that allows users to upload their music libraries to an online “locker” and replay them on any desktop computer or a select number of phones. Avvenu also follows the same online “locker” approach, but also supports other file types. With Avvenu, users can replay their songs on any phone equipped with Windows Mobile 5.0. PartyStrands takes a slightly different approach, porting their PartyStrands music recommendation and playlist management service to Symbian and Windows mobile devices.

Via TechCrunch