Rumor: Red Zune to Include Exclusive Sports Content

. What got my attention was the whispers we’ve been hearing about some sort of “sports package” for the Zune. When I pinged Cesar over at Zune Insider Friday night, he said he couldn’t talk, he was off the clock. No problem, if I can’t get info via the official channel, I’ll just see what I can get from my network of MS spies. And I landed something cool.

We’ve heard about the watermelon red Zune coming up soon, but our secretive plant has combined the rumors, indicating that the new Zune will have more than a paint job, it will also include sports-related content. He/She didn’t have details as to what this content is, but said that along with the ruby-colered device, Zune will launch a new segment of its store related to sports. The conjecture was the ability to add your favorite ball team to your subscription, meaning you’d be able to download each game as a podcast to watch on the go. We’re not sure how much validity there is behind this, but this scout is usually on the money, and sporting content is always a money maker, so we’ll cut down on the size of the grain of salt with this one.

With TVs in every bar in every state in America showing every game live, we’re not sure why someone would want to take last weeks match-up with them. But, then, there are people like my brother who re-watches games from years past to re-live the excitement. Good for them, I guess. The scarlet Zune should hit the shelves this summer.

Next up: A blacker Zune pre-loaded with every song Slayer ever recorded. That would rule.