Music Labels Looking Forward to WiMax, Profits

We know WiMax as the 4G standard that will eventually supplant the current 3G wireless technologies. It’s cheap, it’s fast, and it’s being deployed now. While faster download speeds are good for you, the user, it’s the music labels and content providers who have the drool on their collective chin.

The concept that made the Internet so popular a decade ago was the idea of content on-demand. If you want to read something, you can, instantly. With the rise of home broadband penetration, that ethos has spread to multimedia. Missed last week’s episode of Lost? No problem, go to ABC and watch it whenever you’d like. The thing is, we’re becoming more and more mobile (thus this site), and the idea of putting high-bandwidth content in the palm of users hands (for a price) is a moneymaker all around.

Don’t take our word for it, though. Check out the nice summary Reuters has put together, including some general background on WiMax for some of our not-so-techy readers. There are many good points raised in the article, but the gist is this: more bandwidth for less money means more beefy, mobile downloads.

New WiMAX broadband technology a boon for labels [Reuters, via Gizmodo]