It's a Spoon with Airplane Wings for Babies

It seems sometimes as if I’m the only person I know right now who doesn’t have some sort of baby either on the way or recently birthed. I am thankful for this. That does not mean I don’t like babies (I do) or am sterile (though I try). That also does not mean I dont’ keep my eyes out for fun baby stuff for the young offspring of my friends/co-workers/bartenders/cab drivers/editors/massage therapists, and this airplane spoon is a great example.

Since ancient Sumeria, parents have been convincing babies to injest mashed-up, semi-pre-digested food stuffs by pretending their spoon is an airplane making its way into a hangar. Nevermind that planes don’t actually fly into hangars, babies love it. But some of us were cynical babies, and we’d say, “hey, that’s not an airplane, lady.” And we were right.

This spoon is there simply to fool babies. That is so cool. They’re bastards anyway, and they smell bad.

Airplane Spoon [Coolest Gadgets, via Gizmodo (they eat babies)]