Dvorak Sez iPhone Bat Dead in 40 Mins, Continues to Hit Magical Crack Pipe

Alright so, I’ve made no secret of my complete disenchantment of the iPhone. My primary reason for distaste is also because I think the battery is going to be entirely worthless. Nevertheless, something weird is going on with Mr. John C. Dvorak.

Last week he issued a proclamation saying that Apple should withdraw the iPhone (not a bad idea). He gave all sorts of reasons that didn’t amount to much, but this week he’s returned with claims that a Cingular tester told him that the iPhone only gets 40 minutes of talk time, causing myself, and others, to question why he didn’t mention this very key detail sooner.

Now, I’m absolutely certain that the iPhone battery is going to be appalling, but 40 minutes seems a little low. It’s possible, but I suspect that if the iPhone were to get 40 minutes of talk time, it’d require playing lots of audio and video in addition to talking on the phone. That’s the main problem as I see it, the current battery isn’t nearly sufficient to power both media and phone capabilities in addition to the WiFi that everyone is banking on for Internet.

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