Moka: All the World's Wisdom in 160 Characters or Less

moka_logo.jpgAre you down and out? Are you on the street? Does evening fall so hard that you’d like Paul Simon to comfort you? Fear not, brave soul. Moka has some content for you. Moka is an odd SMS service that condenses and sends the key thoughts from many popular self-help books (Louise Hay’s “You Can Heal Your Life,” Wayne Dyers “Inspiration,” God’s “The Bible”) and sends them to your phone.

For about $8 per book you get hundreds of quotes sent to your phone daily. You can browse the books, sign up, and wait patiently for the wisdom of the ages to wing its way to your mobile for later consumption.

Say what you will about this fast paced world of ours — it’s so good to see a site focusing on a little “soul time,” albeit at 160 characters per dose.

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