Million Dollar Laptop: Notebook for the Super-Idiot Super-Rich

Dear Millionaires,

When I came across the Million Dollar Laptop, I was astounded by the idea that anyone would pay one million dollars for something like this. As near as we can tell, it’s a fairly standard high-end laptop with a slick-looking docking station. Don’t get me wrong, it looks really, really cool, check the video after the jump for a demonstration. I wouldn’t expect to pay, say, normal laptop prices for this thing. But a million? Really.

I’ll tell you what, you call me, and we’ll go down to Fry’s and buy the best thing they have. Then I’ll get these guys I know who make custom snowboard cases for rich people to make something even cooler for your laptop. I’ve got a guy who does pinstriping on cars and bikes, he could totally trick this thing out. We’ll even cover it in those god-awful crystals Paris and her crew bling around. And we’ll do it all for one-tenth of what the jokers at Luvaglio want for this thing.

Oh, and we’ll have a lot more fun doing it.


Matt at CrunchGear dot com

Million Dollar laptop has little substance, but it has a really cool case [Slash Gear]