Apple TV and the Competitors You Could Have Already Been Using

I swear sometimes it’s like you people aren’t paying attention. Did you not know that digital media adapters or network media devices have already existed for some time? Could you not wrap your minds around attaching a laptop or desktop to your TV to view Internet content? All of a sudden ’cause Mr. Jobs says it’s OK for you to stream stuff to your TV, you drool and open your wallets?

For those of you out there that don’t want to be a slave to iTunes, check out this bountiful list of Apple TV (or as I’ve taken to calling it, Jobs in a Box) alternatives from Crave’s (and CNET Review’s) John Falcone. He explores every imaginable option, if not product, available for watching and listening to streaming and downloadable Internet content.

Personally, I’ve been using a small PC I built for less than $400 that is connected to my HDTV with a DVI-to-HDMI cable. It has 250GB of storage, a DVD drive, and can play content from any source, not just iTunes. (And yes, I am soooo cool.) Listen, I’m not saying the Apple TV doesn’t have its perks, but PUH-lease stop treating it like it’s manna from heaven.

Apple TV: handicapping the competition