5 Reasons Why The AppleTV Rules And Sucks

The AppleTV is finally shipping after a month of nail-biting anticipation and most people are excited while others are attempting to justify some reason to order it. I’m still on the fence about shelling out $300, but Gadget Lab’s “5 Reasons Why AppleTV Rules, 5 Reasons Why it Sucks” tells it like it is and backs up some of the reasoning why I think it will change home entertainment. One reason why it rules is that it’s the only way to stream iTunes content to your TV…duh! One reason it sucks is quite simple and a huge part of why I’m on the fence — no cables and we’re expected to pay $300. Hmmmm. Anyways, check it out and see where you stand.

5 Reasons Why Apple TV Rules, 5 Reasons Why it Sucks