Laptop Horror Stories Entry #2: MacBook Hell

Another entry in our Laptop Horror Stories contest.

How is your white MacBook doing? Any more problems? Do you still like the white?

so I thought I’d take the time to respond to Ben with an update on my MacBook experience. For those of you keeping score at home, I have not been too happy with my Core Duo MacBook. Before I state all of my MacBook problems I will say that this is an early MacBook. I got it on June 8th (pretty much remember the day I’ve purchased anything Apple, very sad) and I’m fairly certain that more recent MacBooks have their problems ironed out.

To sum things up it had the random shutdown problem, it had the discoloring problem and now it suffers from discoloring again (even with a new case), in addition to backlight flickering and recently RBN, random backlight napping. Writing this post up now, the backlight has failed twice, or taken a nap as I like to call it. It starts working again if I put it to sleep then wake it back up. This is different from backlight flickering which occurs more prominently when the backlight is set to lower levels. However, these all seem trivial compared to what happened today.

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