reLive: Automatically Map Your Mobile Photos

relivelogo.pngToday mapping veteran AtlasCT (est. 1987) is launching a new mobile photo geotagging application for Java ME called reLive!. It seems similar to Yahoo!’s geotagging program for Flickr, Zonetag. However, reLive! is not meant to only geotag individual photos, but also connect them on the map in the context of a trip. When paired with a GPS system, reLive! lets you automatically map tagged photos, video, or virtual postcards you make along your trip. Since each photo is also time stamped, the photos, video, and postcards can also be ordered along the path of your trip. The whole trip can also be viewed and shared through an account on their website. Their current default example is of a meandering trip through Barcelona.

The program won the Social Networking award for Europe at the NAVTEQ Global LBS Challenge at 3GSM in Barcelona. The application was designed to show off AtlasCT’s vector based mapping program, which requires smaller data transfers and flexes with varying mobile screen sizes. AtlasCT is not targeting consumers directly. In a deal made with Nokia the mapping software comes pre-installed on all Nokia smartphones. They are currently seeking more OEM deals in the US and believe there is at least one camera manufacturer ready to incorporate GPS right into their device.

The OEM route seems like a smart move until GPS becomes more pervasive. Only a small percentage of US phones support GPS without some kind of Bluetooth addition (Helio and Boost support GPS over their whole network). If you’re really into geotagging, check out this Sanyo phone that innately supports geographic metadata.

Shozu also has a geotagging application that works with multiple services.