Gadget Spotter: Whodunnit Edition

1) The folks at Flickr are going to freak when they see these photos.

Because of the speed in which the questions were answered last week, this week’s screen caps are going to be a bit harder (Don’t worry, I’ll post some clues later). Also, I’ve decided that it’s impossible to watch so much TV in one week, so while I’ll try to take caps from episodes that have aired over the past week, expect a few from episodes that have aired much prior to that. The last two screenshots, for example, are from a TV pilot that aired in October.

Remember, I’m not only looking for the name of the TV show, but the make and model of the product. Bonus if you know the context of why the gadget is being used. Post your answers in the comments section.

2) Paris Hilton got own3d again.

3) Bluetooth headset: The calling card of TV villians.

4) My entourage likes tablets — so what?

5) Before you start work, here’s an amusing and outdated orientation video.

6) Hint: Deducing data directly decides doom for this dodgy dude.

7) Ditto.