Boxed Wine Dispensing Box: Nope, You're Still Not Classy

Back in my youth (by which I mean, like, 5 years ago), my friends and I would have what we’d call “space bag parties”, wherein we’d buy box wine, remove the foil-plastic hybrid wineskin, and drink ourselves silly on the cheap, cranberry-based vino. Now that I’m in my thirties, those days are gone, but that doesn’t mean I’ve lost my love of space bag wine.

Bag-in-Box is a classy replacement for youthful folly. Put simply, it’s a metal box to put your space bag in, replacing the cardboard carton it comes in. It should look at home on your kitchen counter or, if you’re anything like us, your bedside table. Available in white, black, or red from Holland for about $57. The question, though, is this: If you have $50+ to spend on a box wine dispenser, shouldn’t you be able to afford real wine?

Bag-in-Box [, via Jason Chen’s Gizmodo]