Sagem's Bluetooth Headset is World's Smallest, Still Won't Make You Cool

It’s no secret: walking around with a Bluetooth headset on just to walk around with a Bluetooth headset on means that you’re a douche. No, really. If you take offense to this, look in a mirror. See the Bluetooth thing on your head? Yeah, see, you’re a douche. At the very least a tool.

Now then, does that mean that if you wear this uber-tiny Sagem Bluetooth headset that you’re less of a douche? With its slight profile that a person wouldn’t even notice from twenty feet away? That costs only around $100?

No, friend, it means you’re an undercover douche. Sorry about that. Don’t like it? You can start by not walking around with one of these in your ear, no matter how sexy it is. If you’re driving, OK, that’s cool. But don’t be that guy. While you’re at it, that new slim phone of yours would probably fit nicely into a pocket, not a belt holster. Try it, I think you’ll like it.

Bluetooth Headset H4 [Sagem Online]