Windows Mobile 6 Gets One More Thumbs Up

If a device running Windows Mobile is in your near future, it looks like you’ll definitely want to get one running the newest version. LAPTOP magazine’s Editor-in-Chief Mark Spoonauer gave the newly minted version 6 a thorough testing and not only survived, but actually likes the update to the OS.

Spoonauer gives it props for being faster and more stable than its predecessor, having improved e-mail and Web search features and a calendar view that’s in fact usable. Plus, Microsoft added some Vista-like appearance to the interface.

The downsides seem pretty minimal overall, like Live Messenger not supporting other IM clients and poor browser support for multimedia. The biggest drag though is that many of the cooler features, such as searching you company’s server for e-mails not on your device, are reserved for Exchange 2007 users.

Personally, I dislike using WM 5 so much that anything would be an improvement. But it looks like Microsoft really did fix many of the problems I had with it, which mostly centered around its sluggish performance and uncanny ability to freeze or crash right when I needed it most.
Windows Mobile 6 Review [laptop]