WiFi Liberator Unchains the Masses from Paid WiFi

We do not condone piracy or theft here at CrunchGear. That does not mean we won’t show you cool gear that facilitates such treachery, like the WiFi Liberator, a work of Robin Hood-esque genius.

A glorified USB WiFI dongle, the Liberator acts as a relay that makes a private network public. Say, for example, you’re at your local Starbucks and you have a T-Mobile HotSpot data plan (which you can hack for free), you can use the Liberator to share your Internet connection to the other users in the area. You’re logged on, surfing away on your legit account, and so are your neighbors. A very practical way to altruism.

The legality of such devices is up in the air, but then again, so is the WiFi, and the philosophy goes that from there it should be shared.

WiFi Liberator [Coin Operated Dot Com, via Boing Boing]