Dell Returns As CEO, Promises Stuff: Take Two

following the resignation of Kevin Rollins. Dell is also the current Chairman of the Board for the company.

Dell started the company back in 1984 with a $1,000 and a dream of putting small, independent computer builders out of business cutting out the middleman and selling PCs directly to consumers. As for the future, now that he’s CEO again, things are only going to get better.

“Dell has tremendous opportunities ahead of it,” said Mr. Dell. “I am enthusiastic about Dell 2.0, which includes our plan to provide the best customer experience, build a strong global services business and ensure our products deliver the best long-term customer value.”

I’m sorry, but um, after like nearly 30 years of selling computers, Dell (the company) is only in version 2.0? And I thought Microsoft taking five years on Vista was a long time.

(EDIT: Sometimes I forget people actually read what I write, like Richard@Dell. Please read his comments below as he schools me (and politely no less) in exactly what’s behind Dell 2.0 and where the company’s headed next. Thanks Richard!)