Ecto 1 Up For Sale; Only Costs $149,998, Dignity

I never, ever thought I’d say that $150k was a bargain for anything, but then I found the Ecto 1 for sale on Hemmings. This is the real deal, the actual Ecto 1 used in the Ghostbusters films, refitted to its original form. This modified ’59 caddy comes with everything you remember from the film, including the unique and god-awful siren. Next to the proton pack (you’ll have to build your own), this is the most iconic gadget in the Ghostbuster’s arsenal.

Whoever buys this, listen: you’ll be tempted to gather three friends and dress up like the Ghostbusters. You’ll be tempted to careen around town with that siren screaming through the night, scaring confused pedestrians. You’ll be tempted to lean out the window and yell things like, “There it goes! It appears to be a class 4 spook, perhaps a Dangold’s Shambler! Get me closer, Ray!” while driving by startled, excited families. When these temptations strike, good buyer, we say give in to them.

Ecto 1 Product Page [Hemmings, via Boing Boing]