RadioShack Schools You In HDTV

Tired of explaining to your friends and family about how they can watch “the big game” in high definition on their new HDTV? My advice is to ignore their questions and send them a link to this video HDTV explainer from Terry Schussler, a RadioShack store manager in California. It’s also a bit of an advertisement for Monster Cables (which you can find at your local RadioShack! I’ve been told they, the stores and online, have some great deals on flat-panel TVs and accessories from now till the Super Bowl).

My favorite part is Schussler explaining (in a bit of a condescending tone) that HD content doesn’t just magically appear on your HDTV simply because you plug your TV into the wall. I’ve been telling people this for years, but they still don’t believe me. Good luck gettin’ through to the masses, Terry. We feel your pain.