The Safest Thing You'll Read All Day

I don’t know about you, but the last time I actually bothered to check a smoke alarm in my home, the battery had died long ago. Usually I just blow it off or go out and buy another battery, but what if a fire struck during the grace period between batteries? A lot of us tend to ignore fire safety and DuPont knows this, so they’ve created a smoke alarm that never needs batteries ever again – ever.

The device works by screwing a standard light bulb into it and then screwing the device into your light fixture. This way when you light up the room, the device gets charged and you stay protected. It’ll even operate up to 30 days without power. Sure, $39.99 is a bit expensive for a smoke alarm, but think of the batteries and lives you’ll save.

Self Charging Smoke Alarm Product Page [via MAKE]