JBL Debuts ES Series Speakers

Looks like JBL has decided to take a break from futuristic styling and is regressing to old-school, wood panel speakers with its new ES line. The speakers are slated to debut in late spring and come in multiple finishes to match any home entertainment system. The ES series will include the ES10 – a bookshelf speaker, the ES20 and ES30 are both compact bookshelf speakers, the ES80 and ES90 are the floorstanding pair, the center channel speaker is the ES25C, and two subwoofers will be available as the ES150P and ES250P.

These new speakers are supposed to incorporate multiple technologies to allow crystal-clear and precise sound. As always though, good speakers come with a bit of a high price tag. JBL’s ES series will set you back anywhere from $349 to $1098 a pair.

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