Apple Calling Press Conference on February 20?

Fanboys: Mark your calendar for February 20. There’s word circulating on the Tubes that Apple is calling a special event, most likely to officially announce availability of Leopard (OS X 10.5). In all probability, other similar products will be announced as well, including a new version of iLife and an upgraded iWork.

The real question is, though, what else are we going to see? Any cool special surprises? Remember, gone from MacWorld were any Macs, and the current MacPro Line-up is getting rather long in the tooth. We’re expecting a product refresh, and possibly even the 8-core Pros that have been rumored for awhile. We might also see Mac Mini make its way to the Core 2 Duo camp, as it’s the sole remaining Mac that hasn’t added the digit.

What we don’t expect: New iPods, new MacBooks (or MacBook Pros), or any other digital lifestyle products. We’ll keep the gossip mills churning for you, however, to get updated on movement on this rumored special event.