JRC's Crackberry-like Phone Makes It Suck To Be That Guy

Wilcomm, a Japanese network operator, has released JRC’s WX220J which is a cordless phone, based on the PBX standard most companies use, that can hold up to 10 different fixed line numbers. If you’re that guy/gal who gets left at the office when everyone else goes home, you can take this brick home with you. Wilcomm says you can even take it on the train since it also acts as a PHS mobile and will run on their PHS network. Confused? So am I.

Employers will like these since MP3 and Java programs will not be supported as well as no camera. The battery life claims to be 7.5 hours of talk time and 700 hours of stand-by on one charge. The WX220J is expected to be released on January 25 and will be priced at $110.
Japanese Crackberry [Gearfuse]